Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount
  • Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount
  • Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount
  • Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount
  • Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount

Venator UCS 75367 - Wall mount


Wall mount stand for LEGO UCS The Republic's Venator-class assault cruiser.

Orientation: Nose to the left

Star Wars fans and LEGO collectors, get ready for a unique experience! I'm delighted to offer you my metal wall bracket designed specifically for the LEGO Venator 75367 set.

1️⃣ Meticulously designed stand, showcasing the stunning detail of the Venator. Two ship orientation options (nose left or right). To be defined when ordering.

2️⃣ Stability and Safety: A solid construction that ensures the safety of your LEGO set while creating an impressive visual impact on the wall.

3️⃣ Installation guidance: Installing this support requires you to dismantle the entire upper part of the ship and requires patience and calm. A link to an installation video will be included in the package. Even novice enthusiasts will be able to display their set with pride.

Free up space on your sideboard and reserve yours quickly. Don't look anywhere else, it's only available from Soclabrick!

Screws and bolts not included, you can choose them yourself depending on the nature of your wall. It is powder-coated in white. You can paint it to match the color of your wall if you wish, for added discretion (after lightly sanding).

Handcrafted in France 🇫🇷. The ship and the minifigs are not included. Price excluding delivery.

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