I will receive my order quickly?

Shipping within a few days, by Mondial Relay. Possibility to use Colissimo if you prefer this carrier (only France) but it is more expensive and not necessarily more reliable. To date 0 dispute with my packages Mondial Relay, which is not the case for Colissimo.

My cat made my model fall and a part of the base came off, is it repairable ?

Don't panic, it can be repaired with superglue. You just have to re-dry the parts to be glued with a soft cloth (to remove the sometimes invisible greasy deposits left by your fingers), and air it well during the drying process to avoid the white veils due to the glue vapors.

Yes, but your model is very nice, but it's not engraved, it doesn't have a big black plate, etc.

My supports are as simple as possible to be as discreet as possible. Soclabrick wants to make you aware of several things:

- we do not make you cross the whole planet for a "piece of plastic",

- the raw material is made in France (my supplier is 12 km away),

- the raw material waste is recycled,

- the shipping costs are calculated as accurately as possible (cost price + taxes),

- you never pay packaging costs since 100% of my packaging is second life. No need to buy cardboard or bubble wrap when you find it in the trash (this is an image of course, I get them in perfect condition, I specify. They don't smell like old sushi). This often requires me to make custom boxes. It's time-consuming, but it's important to me. "To see that there is a problem and do nothing is to be part of the problem." 

How do I get a printed board like you see in all the pictures?

I want a figure plate, but with a UCS plate. Just let me know and I'll prepare the board with the UCS plate location (you can see several in the photo gallery). However, I do not supply the plates, you will have to consult my partner sticknbricks.

I would like to make a battle in my shop window, and have supports of different sizes.

No problem! Custom made is perfectly possible. The base can even be inserted between pieces, but I'll have to specify it.