Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount
  • Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount

Millenium Falcon UCS - Wall mount


Designed specifically for avid collectors and LEGO enthusiasts, this wall mount is the first and only of its kind available on the market.

Features and Benefits :

- Space saving: Free up space on your shelves and tables by hanging your Millennium Falcon on the wall, adding a touch of modernity and style to your home decor.

- Easy installation: With clear instructions, installation is almost child's play.

- Safe and stable: Made from high-quality 2 mm thick metal with a white powder coating, this bracket ensures that your Millennium Falcon stays securely in place.

Minifigs plate: Without

The bracket consists of two parts:

- the wall part: fixes to the wall using 4 fixing points (screws not supplied, to be adapted to your partition). Depending on the type of fixing and the partition, you can use only 2 fixing points. It's up to you to weigh up the risks.

- the part that attaches securely to the vessel using 8 technic pins.

These two elements are connected together using two hexagon-head screws (supplied) and allow the vessel to be oriented in different ways (as shown in the first 3 photos, presented with the maximum inclination).

Instructions and a drilling template are included in the package.

Tools required (not supplied) :

- Drill (depending on the nature of your wall)

- Screws and plugs (depending on the nature of your wall)

- Screwdriver

- 5 mm Allen key (hexagonal)

- level 

To date, no confirmation of compatibility with the 10179.

Note that for the nose-down position, you need to remove one landing gear (see photos) if you want the maximum angle of bank.

Made in France 🇫🇷 by hand. The ship and the figurines are not included. Price excluding delivery.


It is perfectly normal that the base has some lateral play after being assembled, the material has a certain thickness tolerance and I can't adjust each base to a tenth of a millimeter. This play has absolutely no effect on the solidity and it doesn't risk anything, especially since once the ship is put on it, nothing moves anymore.

My Millenium Falcon has been manipulated a lot of times for the design of the proto, but also for the pictures of this web page, which explains that some elements on the pictures do not seem to be in their place. This is in no way due to the installation of the vessel on a base.

Soclabrick will not be held responsible in case of breakage of the base, or fall of the ship. Crash tests have been done and have shown that the ship cannot fall off its base by itself (it does not fall at all). Children have been walking around for 3 years now without any incident.

Don't forget to make sure that your shelf can support the weight of the ship (16kg with the support (1kg) unless I am mistaken). And good luck if it is high ;o) 

Finally, Soclabrick will not be held responsible for a possible deformation of the pieces following a prolonged side position. This is valid for all the supports on the market, I'm not even sure that the ship doesn't deform just by resting flat on its landing gear!

The cockpit down position is possible, but not recommended, the ship is not perfectly symmetrical and I noticed very quickly that some parts were starting to come apart. Danger!

If this position is absolutely the one you need and you ignore this warning (or you reinforce it to your liking), be aware that you will also have to put the miniature plate a little further forward because the cockpit is in the way.